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Sanctuary in Politics course in 2019 at Durham, spelling out the word ‘SANCTUARY’

Welcome to the Sanctuary Ambassadors Network website which is still under development.

Sanctuary Ambassadors share and advocate City of Sanctuary’s vision that the UK will be a welcoming place of safety for all and proud to offer sanctuary to people fleeing violence, war and persecution.

People who are seeking sanctuary are at the heart of what City of Sanctuary is all about and their voices and experiences are central to shaping the work of City of Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary Ambassador Network is open to anyone who is seeking sanctuary here in the UK who pledge their support to the City of Sanctuary Charter and engage with City of Sanctuary UK in a variety of ways.

The Sanctuary Ambassador network is a vibrant, inclusive and creative team of advocates passionate about building a culture of welcome and encouraging others to join the movement for a fair, effective and humane asylum system.  Ambassadors  participate in social media projects, sharing stories of seeking sanctuary through the media, or speaking out at public meetings. They also contribute by shaping how City of Sanctuary operates and might be involved in appraising Sanctuary Award applications, for example a School of Sanctuary Award.

City of Sanctuary supports Sanctuary Ambassadors through creating a safe space for their voices to be heard,  training and skills development, providing volunteering and networking opportunities as well as other practical support such as access to the internet or travel and covering any other volunteering expenses.

If you have any questions or would like to make any comments or suggestions on the Sanctuary Ambassadors network please email Sam Slatcher or Samsoudini Mohamed.

To register to become a Sanctuary Ambassador, please click REGISTER