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We are looking for mentors to help us support the participants of the upcoming Sanctuary in Politics courses!

Sanctuary in Politics is an interactive course where participants who have sought sanctuary in the UK grow their understanding of politics, how to engage with decision-makers and learn to tell their own stories in the media or a variety of public forums. Participants in the course will also learn about the City of Sanctuary and be encouraged to get involved in the wider Nation of Sanctuary movement.

The next course will take place in Swansea in November 2023 and London in January 2024

We are currently looking for mentors to support the course attendees. Mentors will work alongside the facilitators to accompany the students in the learning, facilitate discussions, and help them to complete their assignments. The specific dates/times mentors should be available are:

  • 10am 20 Sept (Mentor information and training Session)
  • Nov ’23 (Wales) Jan ’24 (london) (SiPC programme – mentors are encouraged to attend as many sessions as possible but specifically the planning sessions TBD.)
  • TBD (Graduation ceremonies)
  • At minimum fortnightly contact with mentees for final assignment at the end of the training sessions.

Mentors will need to have the following attributes:

  • Basic understanding of the course and content (to be provided by CoS staff to mentors);
  • Understanding of the backgrounds and particular needs of participants especially refugees and asylum seekers;
  • Ability and availability to help with assignments, sometimes including English language support;
  • Ability to listen non-judgmentally and use English appropriate for second language speakers;
  • Respect for confidentiality and understanding of boundaries within this role;
  • Ability to facilitate small groups and work in a team;
  • Capacity and connections to support the participant conduct their assignment.

Roles & Requirements:

  • Mentors will be matched with 2-3 mentees who they will be expected to support;
  • Mentors are encouraged to attend and participate in the SiPC so they might share their experience and insight with all the participants;
  • Mentors are expected to connect with their mentee prior to the start of the course, and regularly throughout the duration of the course. During the final assignment, the mentor should check their mentee’s progress on at minimum a fortnightly basis and ensure they have the support they need to complete their assignment;
  • Mentors should report to the coordinator(s) if any difficulties arise with their mentee;
  • Mentors are invited to attend the graduation ceremony;
  • After the course, mentors may offer to support students with future opportunities for engagement and/or campaigning.

If interested please let Leyla ([email protected]) for Swansea and Ashley ([email protected]) for London know and register for the Info Session here.

We are also looking for workshop facilitators and people who can help us recruit participants. Click here for more information.